Monday, January 24, 2011

random smattering of funny

Darcy's highlight reel -
Darcy loves snow to look at. When it gets on her gloves and her boots, she is not happy. "I wan wipe it off!!"

Darcy is taking a bath and the running water has made me do my own little potty dance. So I sit to take care of business...
Darcy: "What chu doing Momma?"
Me: "I'm using the potty."
Darcy: "Ohhhh. (shouts) Good Job Momma!"

After spending Christmas with my big rowdy family, having many dinners, parties, and toasts...
Darcy: "I want Cheeros Daddy".
Tony: "You want Cheerios?"
Darcy: (picks up her cup) "No, I want CHEERS Daddy!"
We now must clink glasses with her cup whenever she asks.

I'm at a work dinner late, and Tony is putting Darcy to bed.
Tony: "OK, time to say night night to Momma and Logan" (part of the routine even when one of us is away)
Darcy: "Night night Logan. (top of her lungs screaming) NIGHT NIGHT MOMMA! I SEE YOU MORROW!"

Sitting at a meal, Darcy hands me something...
Darcy: "I share with Momma"
Me: "Thank you Darcy, that is so nice"
Darcy: "You're welcome sweetie!"

Watching Bolt in the car, holding her animal blankie/lovee (as always), during a scene where Bolt is running away...
Darcy: "Comeere Bolt, Comeeeere! I haf loveeeee!"

Tony getting Darcy dressed for the morning, fighting to put on socks...
Tony: "I'm gonna get those toes!!"
Darcy: "No Daddy, don get toes!"
Tony" "Why not? Why can't I get your toes?"
Darcy: (thinks a minute...) "Iss a secret."