Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some progress

It seems we are moving faster and faster towards the end of this pregnancy, and yet somehow it is dragging along. It is very hot (97 yesterday) and I am starting to feel fairly uncomfortable both in the heat and if I sit or lay down the wrong way. Tony's job in the morning is always to wake me up when he gets out of the shower. His new secondary responsibility is to help me flop over into a position where I can use his arms to pull myself up and out of our bed. It's a pillowy cushy bed, and it is sooooo comfy for sleeping, but it does seem to have a magnetic pull that refuses to let me go once I'm in it! Beached whale jokes are only so funny at 6am...

I am torn between enjoying the moment and the relative ease of carrying around a baby without worrying about car seats or diaper bags and wanting to get the show on the road and meet this little chica already. I am right around 30 weeks, give or take, and am now seeing the doc every 2 weeks instead of 4. We have signed up for the birthing classes and hospital tour in August so we know where to go and what to do on the big day, we're also set up to take a breastfeeding class not long after that. Bunny's room is kinda sorta coming along. We have some baby gear but nowhere to put it yet! The water leak on the wall is almost fixed, hopefully when I come home today all the drywall dust will be cleaned up and the plastic will be taken away. We found a very nice, very cheap, very quick little Asian guy to fix the roof and gutters and dry wall all together. So far it's been 3 days and it is almost done, all by himself alone. I did have to laugh when I saw the roof repair estimate involved "replasing 3 cingos". Somehow when he says "shingles" it does sound like cingos!! Hilarious.

This weekend, I'm heading up to Virginia for a baby shower my sis is throwing me. Sort of random to have it there, but I have a lot of friends still living there and it is sort of a central meeting place for myself, my mom, Tony's mom, my sis, and even some of my Ohio family. So it should be a good time. While I'm gone, Tony is going to work on getting the baby's room primed so it won't stink like crazy while I'm in the house - the primer is apparently the worst when it comes to fumes. After that, we still need to paint and get a crib. I think almost everything else is pretty much on track for about 10 weeks left. Let's hope she keeps hanging out happily and doesn't rush anything! I had my first contraction the other day, and I've come to one conclusion - Dr. Braxton Hicks was a moron - painless my ass!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Construction is done! ...sort of.

So what's the phrase? Out of the frying pan & into the fire? When it rains, it pours? That's probably the best one to describe our current house situation. Our planned construction is complete, and on Saturday we wrote the final check (ouch) and set out to enjoy our newly remodeled areas.

We have a fantastic new shower and office space, and were able to start moving everything out of the soon-to-be baby room on Sunday. We started looking around at the room, doing fun things like measuring windows for curtains and suddenly one of us said, "wait, what is THAT?"

THAT was a large wet spot on the upper corner of the wall in the not-soon-enough-to-be baby room. The old paint is peeling and the dry wall is squishy. Hooray for unexpected home repairs - right after expected home costs have cleaned you out!! Rrrg.

We have a couple folks already giving us estimates this week, one being the contractor we thought we had just finished with. Apparently we have unbalanced gutters (water pools at the one end) combined with a few loose areas between the roof shingles and siding. Add a few serious rains (like we've had lately) and voila - you've got squishy walls! Whatever it ends up being, we'll suck it up and pay. Bunny needs a bedroom durnit, and I am going to paint some walls!!

Sigh... I love home ownership.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bunny Videos

1 - Heart

2 - Hands & Feet

3 - Thumbsucker or PacMan?

These are huge and I don't know if they will take forever to load, but just be patient. They also run all of about 2 seconds, so don't be surprised by how quick they go by!!

Famous Baby??

We got to go in and play around on Tony's work equipment this past weekend because his department is redoing their website. He and another coworker are both expectant papas, so they were asked to get some nice fetal heart pictures to put on the redesigned site. So our little Bunny has a 50/50 chance of making it on the site. The other couple won't have their baby until November, so our pictures were a little farther along, perhaps they will be the ones used. If so, I will post the link here so that you can check it out.

I didn't have Tony send me any of the heart pictures because, let's face it, most of us wouldn't know what the heck we were looking at. But Tony assures me that her heart looks great and she is still a girl and still has 10 fingers & 10 toes, so we hit the high points! What we did get is nice profile shots of our little one sucking her thumb madly. Every so often, she would pop her hand out, punch me, and then open wide looking for her fist again. It was pretty funny, except for maybe a couple of the harder punches - oof. If you look close at the second picture, she is doing her best Pac-Man mouth trying to find that fist again - Tony swore she was sticking out her tongue after each punch!

And at the very bottom, I have a fab coworker who let me know she and the neighborhood kids would be doing some tie-dye crafts this past weekend, and she would throw some onesies in the mix for me. I'm thinking - kids dying onsies? Ok, those will be good onsies for sick days, for when she learns to eat solids, makes mud pies, that kind of thing. Imagine my surprise to get these awesome onesies delivered to me!! I let her know she should be running a sweatshop out of her back yard and selling these at some hippie festival for $20 a pop.

It's all coming together...sob!!!

Home improvements continue to be improved! We are definitely in the final stages of the money pit project. "How much longer before this is all done? Two weeks." Aghh! But the built in desk and shower both look really good, and soon we will start clearing the office stuff out onto those shelves to make way for the baby stuff.