Monday, August 24, 2009

blogging by archdiva: Monday Pounce: SweetMarch

blogging by archdiva: Monday Pounce: SweetMarch

I had to share for those of you who read my blog. My dear sister Meghan has a shop on for her beautiful hand-made dolls, and recently it was featured by another blogger as an "undiscovered shop" that she loved! This is very cool, I hope you will read about Meghan's shop and think of her the next time you need a unique and creative gift for a young girl in your life!

More pics of Darcy soon!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

First visit to the ER

Sigh - well it had to happen someday I suppose. Darcy had her first visit to the ER this past weekend. At my work picnic, I had her in and out of her big stroller several times, the stroller I don't use as much. I put her back in, fastened the straps (incorrectly as it turns out), and got moving again down the sidewalk. We stopped to talk to a couple people, she got herself scootched around, the straps detatched, and when we took off again, WHOOPS - she slid right out feet first and then toppled over onto her little face. It was awful to watch. After a little while it was apparent she was really hurt, not just scared or mad. So we headed over to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital ER, where we were actually seen very quickly for an ER on a Saturday. Several hours and Xrays later, she was diagnosed with a distal femur fracture (thighbone broken near the knee) and splinted with plaster and an ace bandage. So we got very lucky that she wasn't hurt more seriously and that she didn't need a much more serious cast. Had she already been walking or crawling well on her own, she would need a "hip spika" cast, which is immobile from the waist down - not even able to sit up - and both legs would be casted. The pitiful girl is doing well and we are off late this morning to talk to the director of daycare and see if they feel comfortable taking care of her or if I need to take some time off. She was remarkably happy yesterday for someone with a broken leg, so I am thinking that she will bounce back quickly!! Followup is in a couple weeks and I am hopeful that we will continue to splint and not cast or need surgery.

Mom and baby - not sure who feels worse here

Darcy was just happy she finally got to eat something - she couldn't eat in case surgery or sedation was necessary. This girl doesn't miss meals!!

Getting comfy the next morning

The leg didn't stop her from scootching up to the top of the crib - she started the night with her head on the orange and pink cloth that's now under her feet.

Next day - happy little monkey girl! She is my hero.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

Sadly I am way way behind, over a month since last posting. Many firsts, including more sitting up, rolling around, laughing, and words. Dada, Mama, Baba, and plenty of other gibberish is starting to come together to mean something more now. Darcy raises her arms and gives "spirit fingers" when she wants to be picked up. She "raspberries" her Daddy and they spittle back and forth at each other. She really really laughs when something amuses her, and she is beyond in love with Logan. He is starting to come around to her too, as she eats and drops more tasty food. Speaking of, she is really getting into the grown up food now, with such varied tastes as pancakes, yogurt, cheese slices, pot roast, mac and cheese, and applesauce, yum! We've been to the Top Dog competition to benefit Brown Dog Foundation (Logan raised $930!), we've been to Hilton Head, SC (I'll get to those pics in a separate post), we've hung around the house. She's grown out of her carseat and into bigger clothes - 12 month size already?!
Partying like a rock star and trashing her crib.

Waking up - looking guilty already?

In her ridiculously huge new car seat box.

I think I'll fit!!

Darcy stealing Logan's lighting
Logan sussing out the competition (he and this big guy were neck and neck!)

Let's see, how much food can I jam in my mouth?
Ah, about a fistful.
Someone call Alcoholic Beverage Control

Daddy's feet are hilarious.

More laughs


Friday, May 29, 2009

Shoes & Sitting Up

These are some more random pics, we are trying to be better about taking them and posting them a little more regularly. Darcy is starting to feed herself a little, graham crackers and puffed cereal. She also loves to sit on her mat and empty the toy box, pull apart anything she can get her hands on. That has started to include Logan, who used to shy away but is now getting all the fun scraps of graham cracker and puffed cereal that hits the floor. He is quite happy to trade the fur pulling for the tasty morsels off her hands and face. Saves us the bathtime.

I found my feet! I've been looking for these...
Chillin in my sneaks - first pair of real shoes
She is too cute in this outfit, the shoes make it for me
Checking out the sheepie rug

Getting a glimpse of her new buddy Logan

Logan getting a taste of what Darcy ate for dinner - she is cracking up here.


Playing with rings once Logan finished cleaning her face

Another fun toy - stacking cups with a twist...

They make a very good hat for improptu meetings of the Shriners

She loves hats

We played peek a boo in the cups until it was sleepy time.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 month update

I have been seriously slacking on the photo front (as so many of you lovelies have been letting me know). Blame it all on Facebook, it's easier to add pics there. Anyway, here are some random shots that should get us caught up. Darcy is 8 months old now, hard to believe. She sits up, she says Dada and Mama, she reaches to be picked up, she laughs when you laugh, and she eats like a champ. In fact, she bangs on the tray if you don't get the next bite to her mouth fast enough. We're working on a sippy cup, but so far its just a leaky toy to her! The highlights here involve lots of laughing, drooling, funny outfits, and her bed time parties (becoming legendary) when we find her in the morning surrounded by the formerly neat components of her crib.

Trashing her room like a rock star on a bender

Teething = droooooly face

Daddy is so silly.

I love this hat.


This is the end of our horsey riding song, where she breaks into a laugh just as my thigh muscles turn to complete jello.

Whatchu talkin bout face.

Dad is totally a geek. I'm just a geekling.


She blows raspberries and bubbles too - ptttthbbbbt!!!!

Seriously. She has NO off button. I'm considering contacting the manufacturer.

Something here was hilarious, don't remember what.


Sweet when Sleeping

Daddy's shirt says "My Kid Totally Rocks"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Dog Competition


Coming from humble beginnings, Logan was adopted from a rescue group by Bridget and Tony Meadows in the fall of 2003. He was immediately adored by his new family, and extended family and friends. His sweet disposition, hilarious fits of energy, and toothy grin made him a star wherever he went.

After Bridget began working for a petfood company in 2005, Logan reaped all the benefits. Soon after Bridget's promotion and move to Nashville in 2006, Logan became a fixture at the corporate office. His natural charisma and classic doggy smile won him even more fans. He has been featured in several profiles on Bridget's company, including office artwork, local print and TV news, and a nationwide coupon ad campaign.

For 5 years, he was their only baby. Then in 2008, he was joined in the household by Darcy, his new baby sister. While Bridget and Tony have adjusted well to parenthood, they suspect Logan is still suffering from a mild case of post-partum blues.

To steal back the spotlight from baby Darcy, Logan is now leveraging his celebrity for charity by competing for the Title of TOP DOG 2009 for Brown Dog Foundation! Their mission is to provide owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition in order to restore the quality of life for pet and owner.

Please help Logan grab the crown and the title of TOP DOG by voting now!
Our goal is 1000 votes! Please help today if you can!
Become a fan on Facebook!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Gardening

Hanging out in the grass while Mom and Dad dig

Swear I didn't plan the monkey overload - we just have a lot of monkey stuff

Our pretty new flowers

Logan keeping an eye on the neighborhood

Auntie Meghan made our super comfy quilt - sock monkeys on pogo sticks anyone?

She surprised us big time with her sudden balance while sitting up! I think she might even have surprised herself.