Tuesday, April 29, 2008

18 weeks - it's a.....baby!

This past weekend, we snuck up to Tony's lab and played with an ultrasound machine. I figured we might be able to see what we're having by now, is the stem on the apple and all that. Brony was actually fairly cooperative with us, rear end up in the air, although we were still not able to tell. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have heard this: "I think the apple has a stem - no wait.. is that a finger? No wait, now I can't see it. AGH, hold still already baby!!!" Boo hiss. We did get some very fun pictures though, and were able to check for fingers, toes, and a good heart. The babe is still measuring smaller than what I thought (18 weeks vs. 16w5d), but oh well, catching up I guess from the last US that was 2 full weeks behind. I'm still not changing my week count darnit! :) The best thing Brony can do for Mommy is to keep growing and prove her right! :) No pressure, baby!

We will have the official 20 week scan in a few weeks, hopefully it will show us something. The quick check at the doc's this week was hilarious - baby was practically sitting with his/her arms and feet crossed indian-style as if to say "nope, you're not seeing it today!"

Anyway, here are the lovely US pics, actually looking like a baby finally. The feet picture is my favorite, because the baby was laying with feet crossed at the ankles, which was exactly how I was laying on the table while Tony scanned me. Very cute. Tony likes the hand picture, which was taken right after Brony pushed up on the spot where Tony was scanning, as if to say, "Geez, take a picture Dad, it'll last longer!!" And to finish up, we have a full profile shot of a very cute little face.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

17 weeks - more shopping

We visited my parents in Charlotte recently, to welcome them back from their latest trip to New Zealand. Of course, they brought back lots of NZ swag for the newest kiwi and even found the time to make a new Barfo Bear! (Long story, one day I'll get around to telling it). Anyway, Barfo and his cradle buddies are anxiously awaiting their new pal. I am a little worried that in a few more months, there will be no room for baby in that cradle!!

On our trip, we also took the time to go shopping for maternity clothes (hurrah for new grammas!). This is me, looking very silly, modeling one of my new tops for my photographer hubby. Cell phone cameras and fluorescent kitchen lighting make for such a lovely picture.

16 weeks & Stanley Cup Playoffs

Sadly, the Nashville Predators are no longer in the Stanley Cup playoffs. We went to game 4 in Nashville, and screamed our heads off watching our Preds kick the holy crap out of the Detroit Red Wings and won the game 3-2, tying the series at 2-2. (They lost this weekend in game 6 to finish the series 2 games to Detroits' 4.) We both had lost our voices by the end of the 1st period, waved our rally towels around until we practically dislocated our arms, and decided that if the Preds went all the way, we would have the baby name all picked out. Hmm, on second thought, maybe it's not such a bad thing they were eliminated.

Monday, April 7, 2008

15 weeks

My friend Wendy took this picture in the gardens of Carton Plantation, which is a big Civil War plantation & cemetary in Franklin, TN (outside of Nashville). Wendy is my old college roommate and the mother of 2 awesome children, including my goddaughter Olivia. So she was all too happy to capture the rapidly growing bump!
The day before, we took Tony along with us to the Hermitage, which is another big plantation outside of Nashville, this one belonging to Andrew Jackson. We snapped some more pictures there - it was a gorgeous weekend!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Presents are Fun

Brony's beautiful cradle, crafted by "Poppy" Meadows. Playing the part of Brony this evening is the sheep with a kiwi understudy. "Gammy" Meadows knitted the little stuffed kiwibird, it is so frikkin cute I carried it around the house for hours. They visited us over Easter weekend and brought the cradle over. While they were in town, Laura and I headed to the fabric store to find some gender neutral fabrics for the sheets and bumper. We picked mostly classic baby stuff, pooh bear and little sheepies, since we will probably keep the cradle in the living room and have a traditional crib upstairs.

Speaking of upstairs, this is the inspiration for the baby's room. My sister found me this outstanding picture called "escape from New Zealand". It is so cute, we loved it and it will work for a boy or a girl. The room will be blue with white & pink fabrics for a girl, or white & red fabrics for a boy. This picture is tiny, but I am going to frame it up in a large frame and really make it a focal point. We also have small sheepskin rugs that will be in the room - a must for any baby with Kiwi roots!

And firmly placed in the category of "first inappropriate baby gift" comes this hilarious addition from our friends Brian & Alli. We're thinking maybe we'll put the baby in this for his/her first trip to church.