Sunday, August 10, 2008

The nursery is done!!

I have a couple pictures left to hang, my mom has curtains to deliver, but overall, the nursery is DONE. If Miss Bunny were to suddenly decide to appear tomorrow, we would be ready, at least in the room department!!

Tony's parents came to visit us last weekend, and we opened up the Nashville sweatshop - big time. Tony & his dad assembled the crib, painted the glider and bookcase white, and built a window seat from a dresser hutch. Meanwhile, Tony's mom got busy recovering the glider and making a cushion for the window seat in pink dotty fabric. She also made some roman shades for the other side of the door to the guest room. I went crazy organizing clothes, linens, diapers, toys, and just generally giving things a home. Hopefully Bunny will like it as much as we do!!

Painting the nursery

While I was up in Virginia, Tony was very busy getting the baby's room ready for painting. He got all the fixtures down, holes filled, and the entire surface primed with the stinky primer during the weekend while I was gone. Not sure how much of a help Logan was, but he was definitely interested in the plastic sheeting and all the painting gear!

Once I got back, we picked right up with a light blue base coat. I picked the perfect shirt for painting, it was like being a weatherman in front of the digital screen! We taped off some wide vertical stripes, and added a brighter, shiny finished, sky blue. It looks really great, we are quite proud of ourselves. We don't paint very much, in fact, this is the only room in this house we have painted so far! We managed to paint one room in VA and never did get around to any painting in AL! But, I figure we won't have many nurseries to paint in our lifetime, so we might as well do it up right.

Baby Shower in Roanoke

Finally, I have some pictures of the wonderful baby shower my sister put on for me in Roanoke, VA a couple weekends ago. Thankfully I had some company on the long trip between TN and VA, Mandy & James met up with me in Knoxville and shared the ride. On Sunday, we had lunch at the Hotel Roanoke, some baby cake, and opened a pile of presents for the new "Bunny" Meadows. The tables were decorated with pink candles and brown bears - so sweet! The young girls made "hospital" name bracelets out of beads for all the guests, and Meghan had everyone busy filling out a page for a keepsake book. Everything was beautiful and it was wonderful to get to see so many people from Virginia again - I hadn't seen some of them in over a year! I even had some family from Ohio make the trip - my Aunt Jenny, her daughters Kelly, Molly, and Megan, and my Gramma Jean. It's just not a party without those wild women along!
My sister was also kind enough to give me a momma-to-be a tiara to wear. Tiaras are very big in my family! There was so much loot to haul back to Tennessee, we had to load up my mother-in-law's car so she could bring the rest when they visited us the following week. Bunny is definitely going to be one well outfitted baby!