Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shower Progress!

Ah the blog is taking on such a home remodeling flair! Oh well, it's hot and I miss my bathroom shower, so I am very excited to post pictures that look like this!!

I came home yesterday to find workers diligently finishing up the tile mounting and today we have grout and finished edges all around - very exciting. The stone is a much prettier color in real life, sort of a pale silvery gray, but it is photographing kind of brown. It looks really nice with the silver fixtures. And all we need is the shower fixtures and technically it will be useable again. Not sure how long until the door gets in, but I am super excited to see it coming together. (Especially since the built in desk nook is going nowhere fast and I am really wanting to get the baby room emptied out - rrrrg!) Gonna focus on this victory instead!

Baby things are still going well, had an appointment this week where the little booger was hiding from the doc while she was trying to check her heart rate - almost 10 minutes until we could find her, little twerp. The whole time we knew all was well, since she was so squirmy I could feel her every second, but just wouldn't sit still. Seems like we might have a Gerald McBoing-Boing on our hands (a nickname my mom used for bouncy babies). She's growing well and not making me too uncomfortable yet, although meals have gotten much smaller as it gets more crowded in there. Pretty soon we have to start filling out paperwork and signing up for things like hospital registration and birthing classes and daycares. Sigh, all I want to think about right now is what shade of paint I like best!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Making Room for Baby

So, it's about time to get serious about making a good home for baby, somewhere for just her stuff, where she can sleep and play and just grow up in her own room. Yay, fun! Only, this child has US for parents, and our house is FULL - how did we get so much stuff?? So the office is going to become the baby room, but right now it is full with the computer desk and a bookcase worth of my crafty supplies:

Call the contractors! There is a small walk-in closet in our bonus room where the big TV is (aka "the Man Cave") and yesterday, the front of it was ripped off to start making a little office alcove area. There's going to be a built-in desk with lots of smart shelving to store a bunch of crafty stuff, far above where little hands can reach. It will be painted another color to help it stand out a little and be left open as a computer nook into the rest of the big room. I didn't think to get a picture BEFORE they ripped off the door, but here it is on day 2. I'm sort of amazed by how nice it looks already and how CLEAN they are keeping the work area. I expected to walk back in and have the house destroyed ala the Money Pit movie. Of course, when I asked how long the project would take, I was told "two weeks". Yikes.

In addition, our master shower had a crack in the fiberglass insert and we were worried we'd start getting leaks through to the floor underneath. Plus, I hate that shower, it had a gross plasticky door with a weird hinge that was impossible to clean. Yuck. So hey, since we had to replace the insert to repair the crack, why not upgrade while we're under construction? Again, here's the shower on day 2, I didn't get the true before picture. But it's been seen a million times, yuck white plastic insert, mottled plastic shower door.

Thankfully, now that we see there aren't any major repairs needed under the shower, we can go ahead with our plan to tile the area and add a nice clear glass door, one of the pretty frameless ones that just sort of looks suspended. I'm excited to see this one finished too, mostly because I claim temporary insanity that I would allow someone to take my shower when it's 90+ outside!! Thankfully, the shower down the hall is standing in well for now. Hopefully the baby won't mind that we've spent our refund this year on construction instead of saving it for all her baby gear! Of course, if we had followed the registry "guidelines" for new parents that we were handed at Baby's R Us and Target, we would have registered for even more stuff - it is crazy all the gadgets that are out there to alternately make your life easier and clutter up your house! How did any of us born in the 70's ever survive? Concrete playgrounds and getting tossed around the back of a station wagon - now that makes for tough kids! We're survivors! :)

Mother's Day - Belated on the Blog only!!

So it's well into June, but I finally remembered to take a picture of this cute Vermont Teddy Bear that my sweet hubby sent me back on Mother's Day. Bearfoot and Pregnant - see her cute swollen tummy and pickles & ice cream? She arrived in a very fun box with holes cut in it. And once I'm not pregnant anymore, the little one can love on the bear, she is very sweet soft and sturdy enough for some rough kid love! It was a very nice surprise on my first Mother's Day.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Summer in Nashville

And it is crazy hot. We went to a picnic with some folks from Tony's work today, and it was a sticky 95 degrees. Yuck. Logan was very happy to see us when we got home, but he wasn't so sure once he got outside and felt the heat for himself! The heat also has our yard looking semi-tropical, straight out of Jurassic Park or something. At least the tadpoles in the pond are eating most of the biting bugs, otherwise I'd never be able to venture outside. The bebe is still growing well, stretching out her momma's skin and kicking like mad. Her new nickname is Bunny, partially because of the kicking, but mostly because let's be honest, naming a child Bunny Meadows would be hilariously wrong. It is limiting when picking out names to have a last name like Meadows - all names flora & fauna are out, as well as seasons. We're doing ok coming up with possibilities though - but we're still not sharing!