Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shower Progress!

Ah the blog is taking on such a home remodeling flair! Oh well, it's hot and I miss my bathroom shower, so I am very excited to post pictures that look like this!!

I came home yesterday to find workers diligently finishing up the tile mounting and today we have grout and finished edges all around - very exciting. The stone is a much prettier color in real life, sort of a pale silvery gray, but it is photographing kind of brown. It looks really nice with the silver fixtures. And all we need is the shower fixtures and technically it will be useable again. Not sure how long until the door gets in, but I am super excited to see it coming together. (Especially since the built in desk nook is going nowhere fast and I am really wanting to get the baby room emptied out - rrrrg!) Gonna focus on this victory instead!

Baby things are still going well, had an appointment this week where the little booger was hiding from the doc while she was trying to check her heart rate - almost 10 minutes until we could find her, little twerp. The whole time we knew all was well, since she was so squirmy I could feel her every second, but just wouldn't sit still. Seems like we might have a Gerald McBoing-Boing on our hands (a nickname my mom used for bouncy babies). She's growing well and not making me too uncomfortable yet, although meals have gotten much smaller as it gets more crowded in there. Pretty soon we have to start filling out paperwork and signing up for things like hospital registration and birthing classes and daycares. Sigh, all I want to think about right now is what shade of paint I like best!!

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Allison said...

mmmm nice shower, looks good. I like Bunny better then McBoing boing!