Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pretty Girl!

We had a coworker of Tony's over last weekend who was dying to babysit. We took the opportunity to go out for lunch and do some much needed shopping, both for Christmas and my shrinking self (thank god for the calories nursing burns!). It is much easier to try on clothes without a baby along. While Mandy was looking after Darcy, she snapped these awesome shots. I now officially want her camera for Christmas.


Allison said...

Oh Tony.....look out for this one. You're going to need your good buddy Brian to give him a 'daddy of beautiful daughters' gun lesson. Those eyes are amazing! Can not wait to meet this gorgeous girl!! Good cooking there Bridge!

Allison said...

one more thought, these are the first shots where she has some of her sweet mamma in her face. Lucky girl! is she drinking good wine yet :) Do you think are kids are old enough to do a vaca together yet