Thursday, March 19, 2009

Auntie Meghan's Wedding Weekend

The big event was this past weekend and Darcy met lots of family and friends there. First we went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We didn't have to worry too much about how we would eat and drink and give speeches with the baby, she was whisked away from us very early in the night by several lovely baby-lovin folks.

Hanging out with Alina, friend of the orphans (no, seriously, thats her job)

Our little family
Asleep with Mary Ann & Dick Pieratt (you made the blog guys!!)

The next day, we scoped out the hotel before it was time to boogie down! We had to show Darcy the Crystal Room and all the fun places from when we got married. Once the wedding got going, we met up with the sitter (hooray!) and had a nice parent's night out.

Meeting Esme, Meghan's (and our!) wedding coordinator
BEWARE - she doesn't tell any of her brides that marriage can sometimes lead to babies. Whoops.

Smooches from Daddy make Darcy laugh

Darcy Jean loves Great Grandma Jean

Taking a nap while the girls get ready for the main event

The beautiful Auntie Meghan with Grandpa & Grandma The slacker siblings (aka Uncle Danny Bob and Mommy)
Having fun after the ceremony
The non-matching black cocktail bridesmaid dresses were a big hit

Before we left, we hit the big Homestead breakfast (almost worth the price of the room on its own!) and said goodbye to all the relatives we haven't seen in forever and plenty we'll hopefully see very soon!
Having a breakfast cuddle with Auntie Lynn (you made the blog too!!)
Saying goodbye to Kiwi cousin Kirk
Tired tired girl!!

On our way out of VA, we saw some of our Wescott buds for a few hours at the airport and got to get the kiddies to meet up. I was sad we couldn't stay longer, and then all our flights went nutty. So we DID get to stay a little longer (thanks Deana!) although UGH it was a long Monday after our 5:40am flight back to Nashville. Abigail was very excited about the baby, but then she was worried we were going to leave, she was very sweet and funny.

Saying hello
Darcy wanted to pull one of those pigtails soooo badly
This game was a big hit, they kept checking each other out while in the air
"OK, I wanna hold the baby" - Darcy looks nervous...
"OK, tired of baby now" - at least Darcy laughs when dropped from seated position!!
Bored waiting on the plane, we decided to play dress up with new headbands and take pictures
Obviously it was way more fun than it sounds!


Alina said...

I made it into the big tim! the breedging blog!

Meghan Archibald said...

1. Alina needs to stop drinking and commenting.

2. That little girl looks more like you everyday! Atta' girl Darcy!

Allison said...