Saturday, March 29, 2008

9 weeks pregnant

Our first doctor's appointment and sonogram was back in February. Here's Brony's first picture:

Yeah, I couldn't tell what I was looking at either. The black kidney bean taking up most of the pic is the amniotic sac that Brony will eventually fill. Brony is the small gray tadpole in the left side of the black kidney bean. The doc takes certain measurements from the ultrasound and judges the due date on those - and Brony was apparently kinda little in the picture. We were dated at 7 weeks and given a due date of October 9. Since we kinda knew what we were up to back around conception (!!!), and when we got our positive pg test, we're deciding Brony is just a slow grower. By our calculations, our date is Sept 26 and that made me 9 weeks in this picture. All the closer to getting to 2nd trimester and out of the morning sickness.

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