Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Official Blog Naming Contest

My first post on my new blog can be about nothing other than the difficulty in naming a blog! How do you go about picking a name that covers the topic you want to discuss, without backing yourself into a corner where you can't discuss anything else?! My only conclusion was to put it to the masses - and so I launched an email to my most creative friends to help me come up with ideas. I was completely blown away by the responses, and so I felt I must post all the fantastic submissions! To protect the guilty, I will NOT be naming names of those responsible for the slightly less family-friendly submissions, but I laughed at them all the same!! Hope you enjoy them too.

Breeder's Lament
The Meadows of Swodaem
Bronys & Tidgets
Breeding - it's not for sissies
Half Kiwi
Drop the Sprog
The Sprog Blog
Waiting for Brony
My Life is a Country Song (The Husband, the kid, the dog, and me)
My Ever-Expanding Life
Viva Nash-Vegas!!!
Coming Down the Mountain
The Chronicles of the Meadibalds/Archidows
Barefoot & Pregnant
Knocked up and knocked out
All Daddy wanted was a B.J.
Token Grandchild
Buy Me Something: the Beginning
My grandparents are all suckers
The sex was free, now everything else is going to cost us
Bringing up Brony
Shocking but True
This pregnancy is making Bridget lazy
Puppies, pucks, and a pooch..

From paper mills to Music City..
Once upon a time a drummer, a diva, and a sexy black K 9..
One time at band camp...
One in the oven with Chef Tony (this is a food network special just waitingto happen)
Logan's got a new Chew Toy
Bridget & Tony's Tennessee Lovechild
Tony has been to McDonalds 8 times this week
I can't see my toes, but neither can half of the Deep South
Stealing Meghan's Thunder
This One Time At Band Camp...and other adventures in baby making and taming tigers
The Tonies and the B's

B's B-b's
I'm's electrifyin
Move over butter, there's something better
Alcohol deprived and soon to be sleep deprived
My Lovely Lady Lump
Elastic Waistbands
You know how they tell you not to swallow the watermelon seeds?
Your face is gonna get stuck like that...and other parenthood tales
All because of the O face
Logan's Worst Nightmare
I'm huge, rub my feet
If mama ain't know the drill...
Move over Angelina, there's a new baby bump in town
Compliments of a mid-winter blackout
Well, there was nothing else on TV that night
My kid's in the womb and still smarter than your honor student
Gettin' huge and lovin' it
Eggs + tony = baby
we f*cked and this is what happened
$ex causes babies
I'm a virgin, call the church
Get in my Belly
On the 9th month of cravings... (my true love gave to me)
My true love gave to me
If the first time we meet, I'm screaming, don't be alarmed
Please be kind when you exit (HEEHEE!!)
I gave up alcohol for THIS?
Morning Sickness Rocks
At least i'm not having my period
No, I'm not Catholic (maybe reserve that blog name for baby #4)
Knocked up, but not knocked down
Preheat at 450 degrees
How many buns are in this sucker?
Proof of 3% (condoms supposedly work 97% of the bad taste...)
I don't do diapers, but my husband will
Save me a Margarita
Temporary DD
He was on top
Tony was a Tiger
Tony's Babies
The dog just wasn't cudddly enough
The Business of Being Knocked Up
Hell yes I'm gonna want an epidural
Epidural, my new best friend
If it's a girl, we're naming her Elvis
If it's a boy, we're naming him Sue
I hope it's a boy so we can dress him in pink
I hope it's a girl so we can dress her in blue
Brony only cries when being held by Republicans
Bun in the Oven
Finally Breeding
Taking the Plunge
Baby Makes 3
Pickles & Ice Cream

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