Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miracle at 3 weeks

Our darling Darcy is 3 weeks old, as of yesterday. She celebrated this milestone by having a looong day of eating, crying, diapering, repeat. NO NAPS for this child, nuh uh, not on her 3 week birthday! I thought I would lose my mind. She was so fussy and upset all day, then into the evening; I must have fed her every hour and a half, it was amazing. It took me walking & rocking & singing to her from 10 to midnight just to get her to shut her eyes. I crashed into bed just after midnight and sighed, thinking of the 3am wakeup that would be coming along all too soon. Then, lo and behold, a miracle. I wake up at SIX am when Tony gets up for work, and I hear quiet peaceful breathing from Darcy's room on the monitor. I shut my eyes again, just for a minute, and wake back up at SEVEN am. SEVEN hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep. bliss. At that point, she was making some pre-wakeup noises, so I went in and woke her up, just to make sure all was well. Apparently she was just sleepy after her party-time Monday. I got her up and she went back into her normal eat-awake-sleep-cry cycle of roughly 3 hours. I don't expect a repeat performance this evening, no no, we are not that lucky. But what a good girl she is to give me a one-night break just as I am about to totally lose it.

Here's some more video I took of her this weekend, at her Auntie Meghan's request. She is smiling more now, although I can never seem to catch it on film. But her little goat-y grunting noises come through pretty well.

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Allison said...

Sooooo precious! What sweet little grunty noises, and I love the shoes! Don't you love those growth spurt days!? you think their little tummies are just bottomless pits and then wham! they're all done and sleep it off. You're right though, just in time before you lose it. What a good girl, sleeping all that long. Sweet baby!