Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top Dog Competition


Coming from humble beginnings, Logan was adopted from a rescue group by Bridget and Tony Meadows in the fall of 2003. He was immediately adored by his new family, and extended family and friends. His sweet disposition, hilarious fits of energy, and toothy grin made him a star wherever he went.

After Bridget began working for a petfood company in 2005, Logan reaped all the benefits. Soon after Bridget's promotion and move to Nashville in 2006, Logan became a fixture at the corporate office. His natural charisma and classic doggy smile won him even more fans. He has been featured in several profiles on Bridget's company, including office artwork, local print and TV news, and a nationwide coupon ad campaign.

For 5 years, he was their only baby. Then in 2008, he was joined in the household by Darcy, his new baby sister. While Bridget and Tony have adjusted well to parenthood, they suspect Logan is still suffering from a mild case of post-partum blues.

To steal back the spotlight from baby Darcy, Logan is now leveraging his celebrity for charity by competing for the Title of TOP DOG 2009 for Brown Dog Foundation! Their mission is to provide owners in temporary financial crisis an alternative to euthanasia when their pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition in order to restore the quality of life for pet and owner.

Please help Logan grab the crown and the title of TOP DOG by voting now!
Our goal is 1000 votes! Please help today if you can!
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