Monday, July 13, 2009

Catching Up

Sadly I am way way behind, over a month since last posting. Many firsts, including more sitting up, rolling around, laughing, and words. Dada, Mama, Baba, and plenty of other gibberish is starting to come together to mean something more now. Darcy raises her arms and gives "spirit fingers" when she wants to be picked up. She "raspberries" her Daddy and they spittle back and forth at each other. She really really laughs when something amuses her, and she is beyond in love with Logan. He is starting to come around to her too, as she eats and drops more tasty food. Speaking of, she is really getting into the grown up food now, with such varied tastes as pancakes, yogurt, cheese slices, pot roast, mac and cheese, and applesauce, yum! We've been to the Top Dog competition to benefit Brown Dog Foundation (Logan raised $930!), we've been to Hilton Head, SC (I'll get to those pics in a separate post), we've hung around the house. She's grown out of her carseat and into bigger clothes - 12 month size already?!
Partying like a rock star and trashing her crib.

Waking up - looking guilty already?

In her ridiculously huge new car seat box.

I think I'll fit!!

Darcy stealing Logan's lighting
Logan sussing out the competition (he and this big guy were neck and neck!)

Let's see, how much food can I jam in my mouth?
Ah, about a fistful.
Someone call Alcoholic Beverage Control

Daddy's feet are hilarious.

More laughs


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