Friday, May 29, 2009

Shoes & Sitting Up

These are some more random pics, we are trying to be better about taking them and posting them a little more regularly. Darcy is starting to feed herself a little, graham crackers and puffed cereal. She also loves to sit on her mat and empty the toy box, pull apart anything she can get her hands on. That has started to include Logan, who used to shy away but is now getting all the fun scraps of graham cracker and puffed cereal that hits the floor. He is quite happy to trade the fur pulling for the tasty morsels off her hands and face. Saves us the bathtime.

I found my feet! I've been looking for these...
Chillin in my sneaks - first pair of real shoes
She is too cute in this outfit, the shoes make it for me
Checking out the sheepie rug

Getting a glimpse of her new buddy Logan

Logan getting a taste of what Darcy ate for dinner - she is cracking up here.


Playing with rings once Logan finished cleaning her face

Another fun toy - stacking cups with a twist...

They make a very good hat for improptu meetings of the Shriners

She loves hats

We played peek a boo in the cups until it was sleepy time.

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