Friday, September 19, 2008

Bedrest isn't pretty - but at least I have company


K-Pax said...

Yay! Logan the bedrest king - there to entertain you all day! I bet he's LOVING you being at home.

I was about to send you an email to see if you were still one, or two.

One of you better be calling me when things happen. I'm not waiting for a mass email weeks later to tell me this kiddo's name. Seriously...I'm having dreams about it.

Hope you're feeling ok sweets. Not too much longer. Sending you loads and loads of love,
me :)

Josephine said...

You poor thing! What's your doctor saying these days? How much longer? Are you losing your mind a little? ;)

K-Pax said...

Good luck tomorrow love. I'll be thinking about you and sending you quick, easy and safe c-section thoughts.

You're going to get to HOLD her tomorrow!!!

I love you so.