Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally... pictures!

Waiting for surgery
Just after delivery
Daddy & Darcy hang out
A very sick momma finally meets her girl

Gramma Maeve (MaeMae)

Steve (Poppy)

and Laura (Gammy)
Her little squished face has already changed so much - Day 1:

On day 4

On day 6
Daddy & Darcy
This baby is making me sleepy!!

Daddy and Darcy on our last night in the hospital (may take a while to load)

Her first official photo (portrait studio in the hospital - brilliant!)

First day home - Logan meets Darcy
and really likes her!!
"Dude" becomes "Dad"

Sweet sleepy girl
Logan opens his "big brother" care package from Aunt Rhonda
Logan trying to see Darcy in the crib - she was crying
Hanging out in the cradle
Loves her hands in her face
Grouchy face
Sweet & Sleepy
Grampa Ian arrives on the scene
Darcy snuggling on the sheepskins
As proud Kiwi grampa looks on

Checking out herself at her first doctor's visit
One week old today!


Josephine said...

What a sweet little girl!! That photo from the hospital portrait place is so much nicer than the ones they do at the hospital here! She looks so wide awake and alert for such a young one! Cute cute cute :)

Josephine said...

Oh! You added more pictures since I commented!! She's so cute! And her nose came unsquished :)

K-Pax said...

Oh B - she's adorable. I'm so glad you guys are home. How's the week been? Love you guys.

Crystal said...

Congratulations, we are soooo happy for you, she's beautiful and I love the name!!!

Allison said...

Ahhhhhhgghhhh!!! Yeah pictures!! Abigail and I are thoroughly enjoying these adorable pictures!! She is positively beautiful! Congratulations! She looks spoiled to death already and so she should be. I can't wait to meet her. LOVE YA