Monday, September 15, 2008

The Crafty Side of Nesting...

When I first started getting the urge to make up the baby's room, it was back while we were under construction - new shower and torn up closet/desk area. I would pace the house in the evenings, looking for something I could do to get ready for the baby's arrival. I decided a big craft project, like a large cross stitch sampler, could keep me busy enough until we could get into the room and paint, assemble furniture, get organized, etc. Who knew, I might even finish it before the baby arrived! So I worked on it for a few weeks, while watching TV, or just hanging out on the weekends, and suddenly, it was done - a sweet fairy tale "Once Upon a Time" ABC sampler. I had it framed (before I went on rest) the last time that Jo-Ann had a framing sale, and I think it has turned out beautifully, it is just so cute.

So, when I dropped that off for framing, I thought I'd pick up a slightly smaller project, just a little bib that Bunny will use when she's a little older. That way, if I didn't finish that, at least she wouldn't need it right away. And I've loved the "I heart Veggies" pattern for a while, I have made it before for several friends. Seemingly after no time at all, it was done too! I actually finished it on my day in the hospital last week, Tony brought it in for me and less than an hour later, it was done. Only time will tell if our Bunny really will love veggies...

Now that I'm on bed rest, the irony is not lost on me - I finished 2 cross stitch projects, one quite large, when I was perfectly capable of cleaning my house, doing my laundry, walking the dog, etc. Now that all I can do is lay around, I'm out of projects?!?! Thankfully the ABC pattern came in a book with some other designs as well, and I have enough material in house to start on my 3rd project, which will be a name sign for her door. Of course, we won't fully commit to the name until we see her, but we definitely have our favorite choice lined up, and now, partially stitched up. And at this point, just having something to do with myself is therapeutic enough, even if we change her name at the last minute! No pictures of that one yet, but it is coming along very quickly, I'm confident I'll have it done before next week, barring any unfortunate early hospital admissions.

Speaking of which, my last appointment with the doctor was on Friday, and all was well, although I still had some moderately high blood pressure, even medicated it was 145/98. They put me on the monitors for a non-stress test and the baby looks fine as usual, I even had 2 contractions while I was being monitored. I didn't notice them, but hey, that works for me. I go back Tuesday for a biophysical profile (BPP) ultrasound of the baby - checking her functions, size, etc. They did this in the hospital last week too and she was perfect. My final appointment will be on Friday for another non-stress test - a short session of monitoring my bp and the baby's heart rate. Then next week, we have the baby! Of course, if anything is trending badly this week at the doc's, we'll have the baby sooner, but the longer she can stay in the ol' oven, the better for all.

The bedrest is boring me, but it's not too bad other than being boring. And the flat hair on the one side of my head - no pictures, please! :) If I cheat and get up to do something for more than just a couple minutes, I can feel the difference as my feet start to swell and my head starts feeling light, so clearly there is a good reason for all of this. Tony has been astounded by how "productive" he has been the last few days - running errands, taking the dog to the groomer, doing laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen. He's very capable, but I think it has surprised even him to see how much it is to do by yourself. I guess it's good practice for after the baby arrives, even though we'll have much help from both sets of grandparents at first. I am glad for the help, especially since a C-section is a very real possibility at this point. But that is ok with me, whatever gets our Bunny here to us quickly & safely is what I want.

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Josephine said...

Well, I do hope you're not TOO bored. THat is pretty funny that you already did your crafty projects which would have been perfect for bed rest!! If only you had known... :)