Tuesday, April 29, 2008

18 weeks - it's a.....baby!

This past weekend, we snuck up to Tony's lab and played with an ultrasound machine. I figured we might be able to see what we're having by now, is the stem on the apple and all that. Brony was actually fairly cooperative with us, rear end up in the air, although we were still not able to tell. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have heard this: "I think the apple has a stem - no wait.. is that a finger? No wait, now I can't see it. AGH, hold still already baby!!!" Boo hiss. We did get some very fun pictures though, and were able to check for fingers, toes, and a good heart. The babe is still measuring smaller than what I thought (18 weeks vs. 16w5d), but oh well, catching up I guess from the last US that was 2 full weeks behind. I'm still not changing my week count darnit! :) The best thing Brony can do for Mommy is to keep growing and prove her right! :) No pressure, baby!

We will have the official 20 week scan in a few weeks, hopefully it will show us something. The quick check at the doc's this week was hilarious - baby was practically sitting with his/her arms and feet crossed indian-style as if to say "nope, you're not seeing it today!"

Anyway, here are the lovely US pics, actually looking like a baby finally. The feet picture is my favorite, because the baby was laying with feet crossed at the ankles, which was exactly how I was laying on the table while Tony scanned me. Very cute. Tony likes the hand picture, which was taken right after Brony pushed up on the spot where Tony was scanning, as if to say, "Geez, take a picture Dad, it'll last longer!!" And to finish up, we have a full profile shot of a very cute little face.


Josephine said...

That little one of yours needs to start cooperating!! Doesn't "it" know how many people are waiting to find out it's gender???! I'm checking your blog like every day expecting to find out!!!
That whole measuring small thing must be frustrating! Avery and this little guy were both the other way - the date seemed to get brought forward every time we had a scan! August 16th was my original date, and now they're saying more like August 5th. Avery was the same way, the date was March 4th, and she ended up coming Feb 14th - at 8lbs 1oz too!!

queen grandmum said...

Well, it's mother's day and i've just checked out the latest scan. What a gift - to get to see our grandbaby's face! Now we just wish we could see someother parts! Come on kid - we're all waiting!