Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Presents are Fun

Brony's beautiful cradle, crafted by "Poppy" Meadows. Playing the part of Brony this evening is the sheep with a kiwi understudy. "Gammy" Meadows knitted the little stuffed kiwibird, it is so frikkin cute I carried it around the house for hours. They visited us over Easter weekend and brought the cradle over. While they were in town, Laura and I headed to the fabric store to find some gender neutral fabrics for the sheets and bumper. We picked mostly classic baby stuff, pooh bear and little sheepies, since we will probably keep the cradle in the living room and have a traditional crib upstairs.

Speaking of upstairs, this is the inspiration for the baby's room. My sister found me this outstanding picture called "escape from New Zealand". It is so cute, we loved it and it will work for a boy or a girl. The room will be blue with white & pink fabrics for a girl, or white & red fabrics for a boy. This picture is tiny, but I am going to frame it up in a large frame and really make it a focal point. We also have small sheepskin rugs that will be in the room - a must for any baby with Kiwi roots!

And firmly placed in the category of "first inappropriate baby gift" comes this hilarious addition from our friends Brian & Alli. We're thinking maybe we'll put the baby in this for his/her first trip to church.

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