Monday, April 7, 2008

15 weeks

My friend Wendy took this picture in the gardens of Carton Plantation, which is a big Civil War plantation & cemetary in Franklin, TN (outside of Nashville). Wendy is my old college roommate and the mother of 2 awesome children, including my goddaughter Olivia. So she was all too happy to capture the rapidly growing bump!
The day before, we took Tony along with us to the Hermitage, which is another big plantation outside of Nashville, this one belonging to Andrew Jackson. We snapped some more pictures there - it was a gorgeous weekend!!


Allison said...

I remember your red wendy! Does she live close?? You look beautiful my dear. What a pretty place! You and Tony have that 'we have an eternal happy thought' look on your faces! Love it!!!

Meggie Arch said...

Someone is getting super preggo in her eggo.


Josephine said...

Yay for pregnant bellies! You look great!