Wednesday, April 23, 2008

17 weeks - more shopping

We visited my parents in Charlotte recently, to welcome them back from their latest trip to New Zealand. Of course, they brought back lots of NZ swag for the newest kiwi and even found the time to make a new Barfo Bear! (Long story, one day I'll get around to telling it). Anyway, Barfo and his cradle buddies are anxiously awaiting their new pal. I am a little worried that in a few more months, there will be no room for baby in that cradle!!

On our trip, we also took the time to go shopping for maternity clothes (hurrah for new grammas!). This is me, looking very silly, modeling one of my new tops for my photographer hubby. Cell phone cameras and fluorescent kitchen lighting make for such a lovely picture.

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Josephine said...

Looking cute :) Not long til you can find out what "it" is!! SO exciting!