Thursday, December 25, 2008

Darcy's First Christmas

Dressing for Christmas eve (too many outfits for just one day)!

"Oh my, don't I look cute?"

Waiting for Santa Claus

Christmas morning!!

Me and Darcy in our Christmas headgear

Tony borrowing the baby's hat
A serious pile of presents for someone so little!

Logan comes in for a holiday smooch/sniff/snort

"seriously guys, do I have to wear this hat all day?"

Darcy's beach drum set

She was actually really into the stuff we showed her...

...until she had enough!

Snugglin with my girl
My girl snugglin with her girl
Awesome tummy time mat with a lazy susan thing - look at the pretty baby in the mirror!

Watch me spin!!!

We had a very nice Christmas this morning, Darcy slept from about 10pm to about 630am, ate, and then went back to sleep. While she was taking her morning nap, we opened our Christmas presents and made coffee and cinnamon buns, yum! Once she got up, we busted into her presents. She was actually pretty interested in them, I was kind of surprised. But clearly she got the right stuff to be so interactive with it all!! She spent a good part of the day with Daddy, watching his new DVDs and taking good Christmas naps.

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