Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Snow!

Now this is an unusual sight for Tennessee in December - a real snowfall. On Thursday night, the drizzle turned to freezing rain, then suddenly, there was an inch of snow on the ground, trees, everything. I took as many pictures as I could during the early evening when it started, and then caught some the next morning as it started to melt. I'd say we ended up with almost 2 inches of good wintery stuff. No fun for driving, but it was sooo beautiful. Almost like an early white Christmas.

Logan is NOT a fan of the snow - "let me back inside!!!"
Darcy inside looking at the Christmas tree, Tony wasn't home yet. See the snow on the picnic table outside?

Tony arrived and we bundled her up to go out in her first snow!
She was more fascinated with being outside at night than with the snow I think!
It is definitely too late to bring my herb garden inside, don't you think?
Early the next morning


Josephine said...

Wow! That's more than we've had this season!

Amy Tate said...

Bridget!!!!!!! So good to see you!!...well, sort of see you! lol
Your new baby is precious, and I can't believe how you and Tony look EXACTLY the same. Congratulations! You have a lovely home, and it looks especially wonderful with snow! Merry Christmas,