Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

My dad loves this painting, he requested this shot of Grandma Maeve & Darcy
And then Grandpa Ian got in on the snuggle action
Baby's First Thanksgiving
In her special turkey ensemble from Auntie Meghan & NZ sheepskin booties
With Maeve's friend from work, Pat
More turkey please!!
What do you mean, it's all gone?!?
A turkey nap with Daddy
A football nap with Grandma Maeve (go Hokies!)


Meghan Archibald said...

Tell Darcy not to fret. Next year Auntie Meghan will make her a turkey dress that won't be so gianormous :)

Allison said...

Briget.....!!!!!....she's stealing all your holiday calories you lucky dog you!!! That never worked w/ me and the Bit, but you look amazing!! She looks so sweet and snuggly I just want to give her a thump thump baby diaper butt pat!!!