Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decorating the House

This year, Darcy helped me with the annual "drag out the Christmas junk and swear you aren't going to put up as much stuff as last year and end up putting out even more" decorating party. I swear, every year, I say I'm just pulling down the tree and ornaments, and I end up dragging down everything and pulling it all out with non-Grinchy glee worthy of all the Whos down in Whoville. But it was worth it, I love our little nativity scene, the wreaths, the stockings, the whole bit. And, I LOVE the pre-lit tree I splurged on last year. Soooo easy to put up. It made me much more willing to drag out the rest of the stuff. The inside of our house just screams holiday, I love it. Here are the action shots.
She was a big fan of the headgear portion of the event - don't worry, Santa will be starting a trust to pay for her future therapy bills.

Baby's first (sleepy) Christmas

Oops! At least she's happy I woke her.

Please notice the little girl reindeer top, we dress for decorating here.

In full Christmas spirit

Logan dresses for decorating too

She was really interested in the tree once we had it lit - I got lots of coos and fun talky noises out of her.

The finished, but messy, Christmas room - bring on the presents!


Meghan Archibald said...

She will never forgive you for that picture...and neither will Logan ;)

Allison said...

Those are great! Your house looks adorable w/ a chubby munckin under your Christmas tree!! I must say the poor baby w/ that head gear...poor Darcy!!!!!!!!!!!